Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WTO partially accepts Japan's claim on U.S. antidumping method

Mar. 10--GENEVA -- A World Trade Organization panel has issued an interim report that partially accepts Japan's claim on the legality of the U.S. method of calculating dumping, trade sources said Thursday.

In the report issued on Wednesday, a WTO dispute settlement panel accepted part of Japan's claim that the U.S. practice of "zeroing" when performing dumping calculations or a method of calculating dumping that ignores negative margins of dumping was against the WTO Antidumping Agreement.

Japan filed the complaint with the WTO in November 2004, saying its bearing industry has suffered a loss of $37 million because of the U.S. practice.

The panel is expected to publish its report next month.

Source: Kyodo News International (Japan), Mar 10, 2006


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